Mark Mills, Vice President of Operations

Mark Mills, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Spectrum Print Communications, possesses a wealth of experience combined with customer focus. In fact, he brings a color wheel of skills to the table. Mark has been in the printing and direct mail industry for over 20 years and has worked in various positions, from sales to senior leadership. Ink runs through his veins.

At Spectrum Print Communications, Mark enjoys working with a highly experienced sales team. He is responsible for public relations, lead generation and cultivation, marketing initiatives, estimating and working with the company’s other leaders to create and maintain a positive environment for the Spectrum team. The company completes its print and packaging jobs on what Mark humbly calls “incredible equipment.” Clients ranked in the Fortune 100 are impressed by the products generated by these million dollar machines and the people who are trained to operate them. It’s all about producing the best for the client.

Before moving to Central Florida, Mark worked in the print industry in the Midwest where he demonstrated his understanding of how persistence and perseverance are keys to customer satisfaction.

The print business has changed since Mark first entered the arena. Due to advancements in technology in the past five years, Spectrum can produce jobs at a higher quality and a much quicker pace than ever before, allowing for a higher rate of customer satisfaction. Integration of marketing initiatives has also changed the print business. Now a print and mail campaign can be partnered with “purls,” QR codes and email blasts to improve response rates and lower the cost per lead.

Mark grew up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Minnesota with honors. His solid mid-western values and strong morals are evident in his professional and personal life. He has four children between the ages of 4 and 13. He has coached all of their soccer teams. Mark has also served on committees and boards at his children’s school and at his church. During his tenure at Spectrum, Mark has helped provide pro-bono services to the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation, Florida Hospital and other charitable organizations.