Digital Printing

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Traditionally, digital printing was viewed as the "less expensive" alternative to offset for small quantity runs.

In fact, the true genius of digital lies in the ability to personalize the content of each print piece, from one to hundreds of thousands, to the recipient of the piece.

This means not only the name printed on the piece, but the copy and the photography of every single piece of creative can speak directly to the recipient in ways that are impossible to replicate with offset printing.

The key is the software that manages how each record in the database is understood and interpreted so that each printed piece is customized to the recipient.

Imagine, for example, a mailer sent to 30,000 participants of a marathon, where each piece features the recipient's name, their picture crossing the finish line, and content tailored specifically to what you know uniquely about them.

At SPC, with your database, we can make it happen! That's the genius of digital!